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Introducing OpenBooklikes

Booklikes is a site that I use to track what books I'm reading, get free books from small authors in giveaways, and see what other people are reading. I like it a lot. What I don't like is how annoying it is to use on a small screen such as a phone. The website looks nice on a PC, but it just doesn't scale at all, or even attempt to.

The main two things I wanted to do initially from my phone were:

  1. Add books to my shelf
  2. Track my reading challenge

However, after taking a look at Booklikes' API, I soon discovered that (a) one of the two things had no support in the API and (b) the API is vastly incomplete in terms of full functionality. I started jotting down everything it could do and realized, "I could make OpenBooklikes do all that!"

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Joining LonelyGiraffes

I am happy to announce that I've been invited to join the team over at LonelyGiraffes as a software developer. If you have never heard of it, LonelyGiraffes is a social website that spun off of the the idea of an "Imgur dating website". It was launched back in March of this year and has since then envolved to include the entire social landscape beyond mere dating.

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