Software 'n' stuff by Jon Petraglia


Callisto v0.81

Fan-made feature-rich application for the Jupiter Broadcasting podcasting network

Curmudgeon v1.0

Lets keyboard act as a customizable soundboard

dIE v1.1

Downloads any of a numerous number of web browsers as an Internet Explorer parody

Eyebrows v0.1

Allows access to local files from any device with a modern web browser

FilePeon v0.01

Simple file browser for Android that doubles as a good learning tool for newbs

NitroDroid v1.0

To-do list app that mimics and syncs with the Nitro desktop app

Poem v2.0

Manages file associations in a portable environment

Psyche v0.1

Simple IRC client written in pure Tcl/Tk

Quite v0.1

A small image viewer written in Qt built to have just the right amount of features

Randomizer v1.0.3

Opens a random file

Skeys v1.1

Customizes actions of special keys on a keyboard

StartupSaver v0.96b

Manages and speeds up the startup process on Windows

Gists & Snippets

Various little scripts and code that some people may find useful.

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